Project Description

The Purple Turtle Bar – Wordpress Multisite development

The Purple Turtle Bar WordPress Multisite is to cater for a chain of its bars in Reading, Oxford and Camden in London

This is the second incarnation of the bar’s Wordpress Multisite I have developed. Their original site, before I came onboard, was a old worn out and hacked Flash site. The first incarnation of the bar chains website, which i developed, used a Boilerplate theme framework and custom fields to control the child sites content.

This latest incarnation of the multisite uses a cleaner and less complicated design which is laid out to give maximum exposure to the multitude of events that each of the three bars have on, at any given time.

All three child sites used the same design approach, but were flexible enough to give each bar manager enough freedom to make their site particular to their location and clientele.

This latest development used the Genesis framework as I have found this to be a very reliable and versatile enough to realise the required design. This came particularly useful when coding and adding the custom elements that the site insisted on. These included multiple events displays for either recurring or individual events. Bespoke page and post customisation to allow for content from any part of the site to be displayed wherever required. Customisable home page boxes to allow bar managers to display multiple different types of content. Everything from blog posts, site pages, recurring event to drink promotions.

Each and every element added by the managers needed to be CSS consistent and at the same time fluid enough so that the sites could be mobile responsive.

The site also needed greater freedom to allow bar managers to make updates to the site on the fly, without having to go through the normal WordPress Admin area. So a frontend post and page update facility was put together. This meant that, as long as they were logged into the system, they could make quick easy blog and page updates in when events were happening and all from the sites frontend pages.