Project Description

Site re-imaging – legacy code – Real Patisserie

Real Patisserie, a client of the design agency contacted me to make layout and structural alterations to the Real Patisserie Wordpress website.

The core of the original site was to be kept in place, but near enough everything else was to either be changed or added to.

First change was to increase the outer site content to 100% width, but keep the core inside content centered. A new menu system was put in place and styled to fit into the existing Real Patisserie design.

Home page was rebuilt to accommodate four message boxes either from blog post categories or custom added messages and links. Next was to add shop landing pages that have their own internal navigation, so users of the site, can see what is available in any of the patisserie chain of shops. A rolling image slider using jQuery was added as well as a bespoke built shop contact page. The sites main contact page was also rebuilt and the Blog was setup and built to be in style with the rest of the site.

All new additions to the site were coded to be responsive and some elements were updated to work in more modern devices.

All the new functionality that would require the Real Patisserie’s input and or amendment was configured in a manner that would make it simple for them to use. I have often found that a site owner’s understanding of how things should work within the Admin area of WordPress can be very much different to that of a developer who is well experienced with the workings of WordPress. So I always try and find a clear solution for client sites.

Legacy code can be a tricky road; When inheriting code from another developer I often find that you either get neatly laid out code and CSS that is well documented or code that has a more slap dash approach where you have to spend serious amounts of time finger tipping your way around the sites structure trying to find out what does what and where.