Project Description

Website rescue – – Minton Young

Minton Young (, a Brighton based construction and plumbing company needed help! They had been trying to get their site finished and launched in well over a year without much success. Mediagrin were tasked with sorting it all out for them.

The first task was to move the site to a new hosting provider. The site and its database was copied over to the new hosting. Small URL updates were completed in the database and the domain name pointed to the new site location.

Then getting the Portfolio section working properly! This was achieved by splitting the different areas of the companies business into separate WordPress categories, and displayed out their content within different sections on the Portfolio page as well as their own pages on the site, accessed from the sites secondary navigation.

An easy to use interface was bespoke coded for Minton Young to be able to easily insert project data including the ability to be able to upload as many images as they wished into any given project. On the public side of the site this was displayed out in an easy to read format with each uploaded image displaying as a thumbnail which is displayed in the main area of the page when clicked on.

After the main functionality was fixed, it was time to move onto the other site fixes, Contact form was properly enabled with a Google map added, home page displaying the latest new (blog) items and a stand alone page created for the Plumbing part of their business.

Other site layout and functionality fixes were required as well as adapting the site theme to work on mobile devices.

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