Project Description

Frontend development – – Tristan Bailey

Tristan Bailey of The Holding bay ( contracted me to help him with the development of his clients site Tristan was to take care of the backend Magento Ecommerce development while I concentrate on the WordPress Responsive Frontend development.

Tristan gave me free rain to develop the WordPress aspect of the build. So, using the Genesis Framework, I was easily able to realise the supplied design.

The build was very straight forward, however early in the development the image slider was was changed from being position within a boxed layout, to one which required it extend to 100% of the page width, but at the same time maintaining a boxed layout for the rest of the content. This can be a problem with some site build approaches, however using Genesis easily allowed me to amend the build to go from restricted internal width for the header area to 100% width for the image slider and then back to restricted boxed width again.

The content boxes are a responsive two by three arrangement with their content controlled by a custom fields facility clearly layout within the WordPress Admin area to make it simple for Kora to understand and maintain.

Kora’s design required a simplified parallax effect on background images to breakup the content. These background images were to disappear when view on mobile devices as small as the iPhone, as they would serve no purpose when view on such a small screen size.

An additional area to display trade testimonials was also setup which used a three box width layout that would repeat and extend down the page depending on the number of testimonials added in the Admin area. Again custom fields were used to allow for Kora to easily add and amend testimonials as well and change the display order.