Project Description

Julien Hatswell – – A clean site for an artist

The artist Julien Hatswell ( required a simple layout website to promote is artwork. The brief outlined an exact design and after consulting with him we decided to create a child theme of the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme. This allowed for a swift build time and with the inclusion of the option to upload multiple images that he could re-order into any position on the site.

Each uploaded image, either painting or sculpture, needed to have a option to add the size of the piece of artwork. So a simple function was included to allow him to add preset sizes or add a custom ones if need be.

A simple to use option to allow him to easily add custom links was also added.

The image upload and custom links area was constructed using custom fields set into the relevant pages. This was to allow Julien Hatswell to understand where the new content was going on the site.

Help was also given is setting out his SEO policy and notifying the Search engines of his sites existence.