Project Description

Ecommerce website – Pre-purchased theme – Designed by Light

Designed by Light is a WooCommerce compatible pre purchased WordPress theme. With customised layout and additions using Gravity Forms and the Product add-on.

I was contracted by Next Space, a London agency whom I have developed a number of project for; to complete a quick development of this Ecommerce site.

The pre-purchased theme and WooCommerce shop area was easy to setup and saved allot of development time in regards to not having to hand code a responsive WordPress theme. However, the product pages needed a customised layout and additions to allow for pricing incrementation depending on what customised options are selected. To solve this issue Gravity Forms was used with the addition of the Product add-on to facilitate the client requirements.

The standard postal options within WooCommerce are very basic and inadequate for the shops more complex postal needs. So the WooCommerce table rates plugin was used to create a table rate postal pricing structure.

The theme blog was changed to allow for the displaying or different blog categories on different pages of the site.

This project is a client of Next Space, Who I worked with as part of their production team.